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Openplus develops online and
offline applications for 3D printing
and on-demand manufacturing.

About Openplus

As a 3D printing innovation company we act on the fields of research, design and development to make products and processes ready for on-demand manufacturing.

We are successfully making connections with organisations and innovators within the 3D printing market on a global scale. Through partnerships with production companies, brands and material specialists we aim to open up the market of on-demand manufacturing.

Small batch production

We understand the need to be flexible when operating in a dynamic environment where changes happen fast. Every department is more directly involved with the customer.

Having the right information and capabilities on time is key in making teamwork happen. We believe that through centralizing knowledge and automating solutions we can bridge the gap between prototyping and production for product developing companies of all sizes.

Application research

At Openplus we value innovation and creativity. We therefore love to share and showcase our results in research of different types and areas. Next to working with product designers and software developers we work with all different kinds of knowledge institutes.

Research we conduct in combination with product design have been featured on design and technology platforms in Europe, namely: Dutch Design Week, Technology Summit Dublin, Design of the Year London, Formnext and Vitra Design Museum.

Design, development and production should be an open and democratic process.

Jesse Kirschner
Chief Design Officer at Openplus



Online applications

With our core team of software developers and product designers we run projects for all sizes of companies from SME’s to multinationals to cultural organisations.

Openplus has experience in developing interactive exhibitions for international organisations, automating 3D print production processes to make 3D printing accessible for our customer and creating 3D model interactive applications to ensure easy customisation.


Offline applications

Openplus has an extensive international network of product designers and engineers. We actively use this network to conduct research for our customers.

We’ve setup a material testing environment suitable to test new materials in physical products before going to market. Next to that we’ve created different sets of products for international public in the furniture and fashion market for consumer clients and business clients.


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