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Openplus develops online and
offline applications in 3D Printing
and on-demand manufacturing.

The digital object of a physical product becomes more important as 3D printing is getting closer to home. Providing objects as a service we expect and encourage them to evolve and change.

Allowing for this change leads to products with extended life cycles that adapt to individual user needs. Adressing a fundamental change and blurring the roles between those designing, producing, and consuming goods. Average consumers need possibilities to interact with the digital form of a product. 3D printing as a technology is only part of the solution for bridging the gap. We propose a holistic view where objects are ready for Personal 3D Printing and users can shape, size and materialize their product.


Library of selected digital objects made accessible and printable. Stakeholders in a single object have the opportunity to play alternative roles concerning the development, production and distribution of their products.

User Interaction

To enable user interaction with the product design a visual representation of the product is created. User input is translated on screen, all in real time. This allows for the implementation of local measurements and guides users in making their Personal Product.


In collaboration with our innovation partner in special materials we see opportunities to redefine aspects of usability and material expectations. New materials have to adapt to the fast changing digital world.

At Openplus we value innovation and creativity. We therefore love to share and showcase our results in research of different types and areas. Next to working with product designers and software developers we work with all different kinds of knowledge institutes.

Material choices

The use of polymers within the production process allows for more functional parts and mechanical strength. Together with our innovation partner we aim to broaden the range of material qualities that can be used for home produced products.

3D printing process

We focus on the professional 3D printing processes and use high performance materials and techniques to develop our applications.


As a 3D printing innovation company we act on the fields of research, design and development to make products ready for on-demand manufacturing.

We are successfully making connections with organisations and innovators within the 3D printing market on a global scale. Through partnerships with production companies, brands and material specialists we aim to open up the market for Personal 3D printing. Research we conduct in combination with product design have been featured on design and technology platforms in Europe, namely: Dutch Design Week, Technology Summit Dublin, Design of the Year London and Vitra Design Museum.

Design, development and production should be an open and democratic process.

Jesse Kirschner
Chief Design Officer at Openplus


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